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Roslan - Insights

Five years already in Kuala Lumpur and only recently, I came across SHUJIN. After a tennis injury last year I ended up with a persistent inflammation in the muscles and I decided to look for a specialized physiotherapist. My luck led me to Roslan. He is the brain and the golden hands of the massage center SHU JIN – in Japanese it means ‘Master’. He got blind in the tender age of 5.

The Iceberg

iamsorryThere comes a moment – sometimes - when our emotions take over and we seem to lose control. Is this good?  It is normal, because emotions are bigger than what our logic wants us to believe. They live within us all – nestling in our unconscious.  Sometimes we only tap into a small part - the tip - but deep inside we know there is a whole iceberg.


letterss‘05-02-2009‘: ‘... your birthday coming up and have already spent a week contemplating which magician to book for your party. I am not even sure it is a good idea and I cannot resist the idea of having your face in awe when you see pigeons coming out of the hat while...’ ’17-07-2010’: ‘...and you asked me if you could play with Tanya again today. I wish it was possible every day, sweetie and it takes a lot of organization and energy to arrange all these play dates.’

I Love Me

ilovemeLove is. Love cannot be expected because of family ties, history together or help offered. Love cannot be demanded nor forced or pushed upon anyone. It instantly dies. Love cannot be measured, calculated or estimated. As a parent, child, lover, friend or fellow world citizen, let us create the right space for the others to BE while we love them unconditionally. Love then is. If we do crave for more love, let us start by loving ourselves more first. 

In Search of Time

16hrsclockA day with more hours and a week with more days? Would that give the solution to balance family, household, work, friends, sports, studies, hobbies and all the rest? Not quite! After all, weekends and holidays were busy, too! Even though it did appear a constant conspiracy of external circumstances against my time, the truth was that life was busy because I was a busy bee. 


tangoUnited again in a tango embrace; his right arm around my back; his left hand is clasping my right one. He leads, I follow. Pablo’s words echoing from the corner of the room: ‘The heart of tango is the partner connection. Remember: Push-Push, Pull-Pull.’  ‘He pushes, you push back.’  ‘He pulls; you pull the other way, until there is an effortless balance.’  ‘Feel each other’s energy & match it.’

The Law of Jante

confidenceThe Law of Jante; a Scandinavian concept and as a strong believer of everyone's good intention that I am, I am all for the initial beautiful thought behind it. The Law was meant to work on equality and harmony among people promoting modesty and humbleness. The aftermath of this law's application though could be characterized as detrimental to the Scandinavian self-confidence, to put it mildly.


grannyMy daughter drew a picture of her grandmother, my mother. We were not allowed to see until the very end. The suspense built by the minute. Belle took her time; she put into it all her skills and enjoyed the process. Ecstatic with the result, she finally presented 'the drawing'. Not sure I will ever find the words to describe my mother's expression or emotions when she first saw 'it'. Her eyes teary; the confirmation my daughter's sense of pride was seeking.


 featherTuesday: On a train from Athens to Thessaloniki, my hometown. In my hands, Denise Linn's 'Past Lives/Present Dreams', handed to me by Eleni (yes, same name like me). If you ask me if I believe in past lives, my answer is 'I don't know'. The more I learn in life, the more I practice the 'I don't know' state, lovely and light state to be in. The book is interesting, intriguing and full of beautiful messages.

Policemen & Fairies

NLP Greece, NLP Malaysia, NLP Kuala LumpurI am sitting on the sofa. 9.00pm. The kids are asleep. My husband is next to me holding my hand while meditating. A few days ago, we heard I had cancer. We have been meditating since then every minute we can; when blood tests and doctor visits finish for the day. I breathe in deep to allow the oxygen to enter every cell in my body and heal it. I visualize. My body is a skyscraper full of invaders. 

Self confidence and our little ones

Life Coach, NLP GreeceWaving goodbye to my own kids this morning, the word self confidence sprang to mind. So, there was my first subject! Watching kids walk, you can actually notice a great deal about their level of self-confidence and I know that I would like mine to walk with their head up high, looking forward to a brilliant day, trusting that the universe will give them what their hearts desire! 


Life Coach, NLP GreeceWaiting for my husband to come back. He is late. His mobile phone is staring at me, forgotten  by its owner. The irritation is creeping in my body and I am trying to resist it. I don't want to go there. He forgot his phone and he is probably stuck in traffic. It happens. A few minutes later, ugly thoughts 'about how he should find a phone somewhere and let me know he is fine' are fighting against nice thoughts 'about how he will come in through the door any moment and get on with our plans for the day'. It is a war of thoughts, that's what it is; inside my head. Both sides are ferociously trying to win the battle. 

It is not about what you say; it is about who you are

NLP Athens NLP Greece NLP Malaysia'Maria, don't scream!'| How many times have we actually asked our kids to be less loud, not scream, and not shout? How did we actually ask it? In a low and calm voice? This is what it comes down to. The 'how' we do things. 'May, stop watching television, go and play' How many times do we spend ourselves in front of a screen, a computer or television or iphone? How often do we actually play and how often are we creative ourselves?

The most demanding job of all

NLP Malaysia NLP Athens NLP GreeceLet us take a minute and give a big applause to all parents out there. The ones who actually do their best every day to take care of children, the people who invest energy and time to form the new generation. To those individuals, I bow and salute their spirit! I am not sure if you have already heard or realized but parenthood is the toughest job of all! Without a single doubt! Why is that? Let us focus on some of the reasons…and compare with another profession: A pilot!


1-2-3, what is your discipline method?

 NLP Malaysia NLP Athens NLP HollandA child needs discipline, it is fact. Love alone does not create individuals with good strategies from an early age on. Discipline ensures children learn about limits and boundaries. Discipline ensures children eat when they need to, eat what they need to, sleep the hours they need to so they grow physically and mentally strong.