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My daughter drew a picture of her grandmother, my mother. We were not allowed to see until the very end. The suspense built by the minute. Belle took her time; she put into it all her skills and enjoyed the process.
Ecstatic with the result, she finally presented 'the drawing'. Not sure I will ever find the words to describe my mother's expression or emotions when she first saw 'it'. Her eyes teary; the confirmation my daughter's sense of pride was seeking. I mean, granny looks great for her 70 years but I personally would not necessarily draw that extra bow in her hair.
My thoughts: one more proof of how we all 'see' others through our own eyes; how children always see through the eyes of love, hope and sweetness; how important it is to see ourselves through the eyes of a child, our inner child; always.
Nothing more for me to add. The picture is the true story.