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Corporate Programs for Customized NLP In-house Training


If only companies were like babies!  Babies learn to communicate and speak instinctively by listening and repeating.  Their minds and brains are uncluttered.  As we get older we develop bad habits.  Individuals and companies can return to those clear and instinctive patterns of language and communication through NLP.  It’s the manual of the mind and brain, and once you have the NLP know-how you can improve your communication skills, deal with others more effectively, and establish new good habits.


The Big Three – Vision, Leadership and Communication (3 days)

Expressing authentically while adding immense value to any organization, mastering persuasion and negotiation skills are often the key to successful team development and transformational leadership. Add to this potent mix conflict management; coaching and executive coaching; and achieving the big three -– vision, leadership and communication – moves ever closer.  Presentation and interpersonal skills are added extras.

It’s All About Managers! (3 days)

Successful companies = successful managers.  Successful managers = successful companies.  This three-day course is all about the tools needed to be successful – and even more successful; a profound look into all the tools and techniques available for various Managing styles that promote a solid ground for the smooth running of any small, medium or large organization.

Happy Workers (3 days)

Do you want your teams to be happy?  Do you believe that happy employees are more committed and understand accountability? Is having fun at work important?  This course is all about employees – the workers – the engine room of the company – and how to make them feel they are in control and enjoying it.

The gifts of NLP (3 days)

Know nothing about NLP but would like to?  Are you curious and open to thinking and questioning in a different way?  This course is for everyone and anyone in the workplace.  It’s an introduction to new ways of working and thinking, turning negatives into positives. Make Life Easier with the gifts of NLP.

Turn Difficult into Easy with NLP (4 days)

Doesn’t everyone want to be able to deal with difficult situations or decisions or people in a smooth and easy way?  Wouldn’t life be less stressful if we had the tools to communicate and negotiate our way out of problems and into solutions?  And what if we had a way of knowing how to think and work in a way that avoids problems and leaves you freer to pursue success and happiness?  This program is special – it’s NLP and much more...