Family Constellation

Experience Family Constellation

fam-const1As Family Constellation facilitators, Beatrice & I are truly blessed to have been able to run workshops in Greece, the Reunion Island and together in Kuala Lumpur this past year. We have had an amazing journey and love doing these sessions together.

This time, we are heading to Singapore:

5th March 2016

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What is Family Constellation

what is family constellation2014 had promised to be a year of exceptional growth and it was fully that for me. Among all those gifts I received in experiences, love gestures and new insights, another mind-blowing revelation was my new ‘Constellation Thinking’ mode. Starting my training in Family Constellation last June to become a facilitator and while it is still on-going, a new dimension has been high-lighted in my understanding of things, ‘systems’!

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Survivors Corner