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    banner-family-projectsThe thought behind 'Family Projects' is to come up with ideas in order to have lots of fun with the whole family while also working on the family's missions and vision. We all know how quickly we can dive into a routine with work and school and how refreshing it is to have good family time and bond with each other. Children learn and grow in confidence when involved in fun activities and they also love spending time with their while parents doing nice things together. Here are some ideas you might want to make your own or even expand and take them to new levels. Remember to have fun at all times! 


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  • Belle's Corner

     Belle’s middle name is creativity. Every second she has some free time, you find her busy writing her thoughts or drawing. One afternoon, she brought me again her ideas and feelings in a few paragraphs and as I read, an idea was born. As adults, we do our best to connect more with our unconscious mind and our deeper feelings. Part of our growth depends on our ability to let go of judgments and pre-defined ideas and let our curiosity find new paths and new ways to express; in other words connect with our inner-child. What about then listening more to the kids themselves and letting them express. 'Isn’t it a better idea to let Belle voice out her mind instead of me the adult try and guess what is happening in a child’s beautiful model of the world? What about children writing stories for children and adults? What about children honoring their wisdom and freshness of mind by sharing it?' Et voila! That is how this section was born. I suggested to Belle who welcomed it with a big smile. This corner features columns by Belle, my 9-year old daughter (written & edited by her exclusively - drawings designed by her - it's all Belle) to represent the  magnificent brilliance of every child’s mind! 

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  • Confidence Boosters
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