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banner-family-projectsThe thought behind 'Family Projects' is to come up with ideas in order to have lots of fun with the whole family while also working on the family's missions and vision. We all know how quickly we can dive into a routine with work and school and how refreshing it is to have good family time and bond with each other. Children learn and grow in confidence when involved in fun activities and they also love spending time with their while parents doing nice things together. Here are some ideas you might want to make your own or even expand and take them to new levels. Remember to have fun at all times! 


Family Projects: Open the Heart!

thankyouEvery night we thank. Anything we can think of. We take turns.
Our Victor used to thank for hours on a specific item: ‘Thank you for the banana I just ate’, after a long pause, ‘Thank you for the banana I ate in the morning and thank you for the second banana I ate at school in the morning’ and so on and so on. Until one day, he also thanked for the rice and the ice-cream and the berries. Yeah, food was still the main item to thank for, for several years. Nowadays being 6 years of age, he has expanded his thanking approach. 


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Family Projects: Sweet Dreams

littlegirl2‘Can you taste the sardines?’ A couple of weeks after a lovely family vacation in the Cyclades, Greece, we all agreed that we would love to come back to the island soon. And so, going back to our home, some thousands of kilometers away from the island, every night before we kissed our daughter goodnight, I would ask her to remember the crystal clear waters, the soft sand on the beach, feel them on her body, see the stunning sunset while we all played and laughed, hear the birds and the bees and taste the yummy grilled sardines she liked so much at our favorite tavern. 

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Family Projects: Family Meetings

familymeetingFamily meeting! It is again this Sunday of the month where everyone has 'special' time to talk about their accomplishments and dreams. In our household, we hold them most of the time during breakfast. Not just any breakfast, though. Not the 'quickly, quickly, we need to go to school' breakfast. Family Meetings get the royal breakfast. Children have special roles and love to set the table. They take their time placing 'little bear' spoons and knives and considering seriously taking everything out of the fridge! The table is full and there is always some kind of juicy surprise or 'new-in-the-house' cookie to keep the excitement going.


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Family Projects: Maps & Dreams

flagsmallYou have countries notebooks, flag stickers and flag posters! The goal is to win a flag sticker and stick it yourself in your countries notebook. What do you need to do? First, draw a flag you like. Hmmm, maybe an easy one is also a good choice, especially at the beginning. Maybe some easy ones like Japan or Vietnam. Did you know that Monaco and Indonesia are almost identical? Check it out! After you color the flag and you are satisfied, then you re-draw it in the countries notebook!  You write the country's name and get your ruler and crayons once again and perfectionize it. Then, You get the sticker and you place it next to your artwork!

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Family Projects: Unconscious & Eating Habits

melonProgram your unconscious with the food you want ...with Fun pictures! Many of us spend a great deal of thought on our food. There is plenty of information, books and specialists to tell us about food and help us make choices.  Above all, our body and mind send us clear messages every day of what they need to be healthy, vibrant and calm.  Once we decide, instead of only relying solely on willpower and trying to quit bad habits, we can turn to our unconscious; a much faster and effortless way to achieve results.

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