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Listen for a day


earheartWhen we are young, we hear the word 'Listen' more times than we like. We need to listen to our parents and teachers 

and it is also vital for our safety and learning about the world that we listen and do as we are told. Then, we grow up and it is our time to finally 'talk' and for others to listen to us.

Deep down, we would like or even expect everyone to listen to us. We fall in love or become very fond of people, merely because they listen attentively to us, expressing this way their pleasure in our company and everything we have to say. Other times, we feel depressed, prisoners in relationships where nobody is really listening. And then, at times, we forget to listen ourselves.



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People come in all shapes, sizes and behaviors; we are all human and have our disappointing moments as well as our divine ones.

We make judgments all the time. We judge people we know or total strangers. We judge them from the way they write or talk, to how their shoes look like, what clothes they wear, their educational background, their views about meat, hunting, war, spitting, divorce and many other topics. We judge everything.


Wheel of Life



Wheel of Life How do you spend the days of your life? How happy are you with where you put your energy into?


Design your Wheel of Life and find out


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Beliefs: Where do beliefs come from and How do they impact on us?

Βeliefs are ideas or generalizations that we make about the world based on our reference experiences. They are judgments and evaluations we make about others and ourselves and they determine our motivation, feelings and attitude.

The forming of beliefs is a complicated process; similar events can trigger different thoughts and ideas. It is the evidence and the proof of certain events in our life that enforce our beliefs, determine our decisions and the way we will live our life.