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Interested in Life Coaching?

You can use my life coaching services regardless of where you live in the world as I offer sessions over the phone or Skype.

I also offer face-to-face coaching (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia only).

What I offer is a 'package' of four sessions or six sessions of one hour each where the main goals, beliefs, values, strategies and patterns are thoroughly explored and then reach a clear plan how to move forward. My style and priority is to let people be their own coach as we all have the resources to figure out our lives and priorities. 'A good coach is a silent coach' makes a lot of sense as what we all need nowadays is time to think and process these thougths in a consctructive way. My role is to 'be there', 'listen', 'ask questions', 'support' and 'give constructive feedback'.

Confidentiality is a company policy as well as a value of major significance in my personal and professional connections.  

You can act now and invest in 'you' by getting in touch with me

by phone: 0060 (0)16 6551728 or via email: es@life-spheres.com.