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NLP Parts Integration

 parts-integrationSome call it ...the 'bad' side, Kelly Clarkson just had a hit with the 'dark side'.

Everybody's got a dark side,

Can you love mine?

Do you love me even with my dark side?

The Unconscious


Greece 1987. My mind traveler transforms me to a student again. Upon completion of high school, the infamous Pan-Hellenic examinations for University admission are in front of me: 11-16 June; ‘all or nothing’. Who will make it and get a ticket to higher education? An electric atmosphere of anticipation and stress takes over the whole nation.
Sunday 14th June 1987. The Euro basket Final in Greece: HELLAS – U.S.S.R. The omnipresent Nikos Galis and his team have a chance to make every Greek go ‘really’ crazy. Will they pull it of? Will they become heroes?

Communication Model

NLP Greece NLP Athens

While enjoying the first day of the New Year in an unspoiled tropical island in South East Asia, a Malaysian flag parasail catches my eye. It is gracefully carrying someone along the coast.

Everything else stops existing and I imagine myself up there with a feeling of freedom capturing the beauty of the nature around me for just a few moments.  'Flying gives you wings to achieve everything your heart longs for.' I think to myself.
My body feels good, my mind is calm; during the last couple of days, they have both been nurtured by the blue sea, sound sleep and bird singing. I feel empowered. My body and state of mind support me, they are in balance.



Here is the deal. Today, at 16.00, it is date night until late! Have been waiting for that one a while now. Just the two of us, yes! We go across the street and install ourselves at café Vienna. We are thousands of miles from Vienna but the atmosphere does remind Vienna thanks to all the ballerina paintings and the classic music.

We order some nice food and start catching up. Next stop, bookstore. The evening is just getting better by the minute. Spend an hour there as well and then we decide to check on a nice movie before we call it a night. It's only 21.30 after all. There was a movie poster a couple of days ago with two guys, one is shaving his head and the other one resembles a well-known comedian. It is called 50/50.

Perceptual Positions


One sunny Saturday morning, I made some tea for both of us (myself and I) and placed two chairs in my room; I visualized myself sitting opposite to me. I talked to myself as a friend who does care from the deepest of her heart for me would. I summed up all my positive qualities, was warm and sweet and spoke sincerely, spontaneously and well-intentioned. I then asked myself some questions, as I was interested to know about my friend’s values, beliefs and feelings. ‘Myself’ was looking at me from the other side quite emotional and very touched.

Beliefs of Excellence

NLP Holland NLP Amsterdam NLP Greece

Where and when I was raised, lots of people believed that it was cool to 'work hard and play hard'. I still see this saying in advertising bords and makes me sad. Holding to this belief made me excel at school and at the same time sacrifice sleep and consume massive quantities of alcohol and junk food in my teenage years.


NLP Metaphors NLP Greece NLP Athens

Last night was a good movie night: 'A Prairie Home Companion'; a 2006 musical comedy on the last broadcast of a live radio show. I devoured every song and dialogue and would like to share with you a couple of lines of Kevin Kline's character Guy Noir describing the angel Asphodel (played by Virginia Madsen). 

"She was beautiful; she gave me a smile so sweet you could have poured it on your pancakes. She was wearing a white trench coat, so white that rain would be embarrassed to fall on it. It was an honor just to sit there and inhale the same air that she had so recently exhaled, just to exchange the atmosphere between us, so to speak."

Perception - Projection

NLP Greece NLP Athens NLP Malaysia

My perception of the world changes all the time because it is 'just' my very own perception. We all have a different perception of things depending on our very own world inside.

There are times the whole world is smiling at me and then all of a sudden I feel misunderstood. Sometimes I do not recognize my friends anymore because they behave so differently towards me overnight. There are qualities I especially admire in people and then some others I find quite annoying.


NLP Athens NLP Kuala Lumpur NLP Holland

We recently visited Angkor in Cambodia and I loved the sound of 'Let's anchor Angkor!'
What is anchoring? It means capturing an amazing feeling and being able to reproduce it any time anywhere.

It has been a dream to visit Angkor all together.  Cambodia is our children's country of origin so that makes it very special. Being there signified a celebration of an incredible civilization and connecting with our children's' heritage.  It was also a holiday: family bonding together, feeling relaxed, smiling, getting inspired, laughing, learning, loving.  A wonderful intense mix of feelings and we wanted to have it at our fingertips even when getting back home, away from Angkor.