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The meaning of Success


What is success all about? We are busy pursuing success and we sometimes forget what it means. We forget where it started and what it really means for the individual. We are bombarded with books and literature 10 Steps to Success, Secrets to Success and many more.

I thought, let's take a step back; what is 'it' for 'me'? What defines 'me' as a successful person in my own eyes? For some people, the word 'success' has even a negative connotation. Do they want to be 'unsuccessful' then? No, they do not. The word success has also been linked inside our head to the meaning other people gave it;  society, media, technology and we do not necessarily always agree with. We inherited the meaning of success from the people who raised us and the community where we grew up in. Their definition  lingers somewhere inside us, not always in perfect harmony with the meaning of success that truly represents us in our adult life; who we became and who we want to grow into.

When we take a moment...or longer to think about what success is for us, we can come up with our very own definition and then don't we all indeed want to be successful? Phrasing it, framing it, expressing it, hearing it, 'it' automatically gets closer to our reach.

My curiosity pushed me create this random collection of thoughts. The video is fun, surprising and touching. I am deeply grateful to everyone who participated, will cherish their words for life and wish them all the success in the world!