Family Projects: Maps & Dreams


You have countries notebooks, flag stickers and flag posters!

The goal is to win a flag sticker and stick it yourself in your countries notebook. What do you need to do?

First, draw a flag you like. Hmmm, maybe an easy one is also a good choice, especially at the beginning. Maybe some easy ones like Japan or Vietnam. Did you know that Monaco and Indonesia are almost identical? Check it out! After you color the flag and you are satisfied, then you re-draw it in the countries notebook!  You write the country's name and get your ruler and crayons once again and make it even more beautiful. Then, time for sticker! You place it next to your artwork!

Hopefully, you have someone a bit older around you to tell you some stories about this country and show it on the map for you. For example, what is Japan famous for? Eh, sushi? Yes! What else? Mount Fuji, the puzzle on the wall? Yes!

As soon as you come up with some 10 ideas about the country, you get some extra help from an older person and you find pictures about let's say sushi and Mount Fuji from magazines and newspapers to cut and also glue to your amazing world-class becoming notebook.

Then, an even greater step takes place: You ask your mommy or daddy, your lovely teacher or granny and grandpa to tell you stories about this country and all the things you glued their pictures in your notebook. You find out about real princesses and warriors, palaces and mountains, delicious food and exotic fruit!

If you get lucky, maybe you can convince one of them to buy you a DVD about the country and watch together. What a lovely family time this is, you say. You know about it all and you shout loud about all the things you recognize. If you get really really lucky, you might travel to one of these countries one day and you will recognize so much already!

Two weeks later, you cannot wait to draw another flag and spend hours to choose a good one....'What food do they have there?', 'Do they have palaces?' After 10-20 countries, you think: All countries are a bit the same, they all have nice rivers and valleys, superheroes and yummy food. People seem very nice everywhere as well. You enjoy a lot looking at all these smiley faces. You dream about them and make plan plans to meet them.

You feel proud, you know so much already. You feel you know everyone, just like your family. You have fun! 

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