Family Projects: Family Meetings


familymeetingFamily meeting! It is again this Sunday of the month where everyone has 'special' time to talk about their accomplishments and dreams.

In our household, we hold them most of the time during breakfast. Not just any breakfast, though. Not the 'quickly, quickly, we need to go to school' breakfast. Family Meetings get the royal breakfast. Children have special roles and love to set the table. They take their time placing 'little bear' spoons and knives and considering seriously taking everything out of the fridge!

The table is full and there is always some kind of juicy surprise or 'new-in-the-house' cookie to keep the excitement going.

After we are all settled, the light blue sky-like family notebook cover shows up. On it, there is the phrase:

'Nothing happens unless first a dream'.

Children can write the date and the Family Meeting number and Family Meeting is on!

We begin with the 'triumphs' and 'things to be grateful for'. Every time, the order of who speaks first changes. It is Victor's turn to start today. We all look at him, anticipating his triumphs of the past month.

'I swim very well. I played with Hector alone in his house. I am great in KungFu, ha, Hu, ha, hahu, ha (representation of his latest technique).' We note down everything in the notebook. Anything else? Victor thinks. We silently eat and then he has a lot more. ' I saw Pussy In Boots and Donald Duck and Sammy the Turtle dvd. I like mangos and bananas and my friend Joshua shared his banana cookie with me at school.' All noted down. Anything else? Victor smiles naughty: 'I like that we have play fight with daddy and get on his back. A lot!'. Giggles. Anything else? 'I like my new car and Puss in Boots poster. A lot!'

Anything else? Victor looks around. He seems quite satisfied with the month and he is ready to hit his warm-getting-cold croissant.

Then, next family member...

Once this round is done, it is the glorious time of goals for the next month or simply said 'dreams'.

Victor, dreams? 

'Win in Startego when playing with daddy.' ' Want to water the plants tomorrow.' ' Want to know how to play more games.' 'Like when mommy sqeezes me' 'Want a lot of toys for my birthday party' 'Want 5 candles on my cake because I am 5 now.'

Anything else? Breakfast goes on and Family Meeting notebook gets richer and richer. 

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