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August 2013 Newsletter

eleni4Love is. Love cannot be expected because of family ties, history together or help offered. Love cannot be demanded nor forced or pushed upon anyone. It instantly dies. Love cannot be measured, calculated or estimated. As a parent, child, friend, lover or fellow world citizen, let us create the right space for the others to BE while we love them unconditionally. Love then is.

October 2012 Newsletter

eleni4Look out for the new Life Spheres CD 'Beliefs of Excellence" coming out next month:

Identify the empowering beliefs, the limiting ones and modify them as you would like them so the voice inside your mind tells you what you need to hear to get the life you want quicker and easier! Also included: suggestions on ' Beliefs of Excellence' that can can take you very far and beyond!

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March 2012 Newsletter

yinyangearthWhat is success all about?  A question we could all ask ourselves!  Sometimes we are so busy pursuing success we forget what it means.  We forget where it started and what it really means to the individual.

We are bombarded with books and literature 10 Steps To Success, Secrets to Success and many more.  I began to think about taking a step back - what is it for 'me' that defines 'me' as a success?


December 2011 Newsletter

christmas-bellsDecember again! Give & take, family time, jingle bells, festive decorations, party atmosphere...and New Year Resolutions!

Some of us want to quit smoking or lose weight, some promise to work on their relationship(s) or be a better parent, find a better job or earn/save more and some others are interested in finding a new hobby or joining some kind of organization.

What is interesting though is our approach. How do we go about our new year resolutions?


October 2011 Newsletter

sunsmallThe first Life Spheres Newsletter, a new beginning. New beginnings bring emotions of hope and excitement, a bit similar to that feeling of being in love; they make you feel more alive.

I am only a day away from boarding a plane to Cyprus to attend my cousin's wedding. What do I want to wish him and his bride? They are about to have their own new beginning.