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Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined connecting with people in such profound ways as how it happened during Personal Development courses. Raising awareness and shedding small rays of light on life’s phenomena and the mind’s twists and turns united me with talented individuals. Furthermore, I had the privilege to have the support of many people while conveying the message of Life Spheres and what it stands for. Thank you all!

Here is a corner where all these supporters and co-students of life's lessons shine with their contributions in various ways. It all starts with an idea and then is followed by massive action. Life Spheres' course participants do have ideas and do take massive action time and time again. I hope you find a lot of inspiration and empowerment in their ‘creations’ for fruition of your own dreams!

Chess and NLP Strategies - Simon Spalas

chess and nlp strategiesI started playing chess when I was fairly young…I always remember myself trying to learn about chess, a strategy board game, or, a “new cosmos” that seemed fascinating to me. Still, nobody in my family knew how to play, so I implemented a different “strategy”: I sent my sister to the neighbors that I knew they had a chess board, with one specific demand – she had to learn how to play the game, and teach me the moves (no internet those days!). Mission accomplished! After winning my sister, I decided to get down to the nitty-gritty! I was ready to challenge the world, and my first tournament participation was there! 

Making “Cents” of Life - Jennifer Elliott

In my early twenties I would look at the “self help” section of bookshops with a sigh of relief. “I’m glad I’m so happy with my life”, I would think, and hoped the “lost souls” browsing the multitude of books would find what they were looking for. Fast forward almost twenty years and I can’t help but wonder what world I was living in back then. I can safely say today, my future self would have told me to immerse myself in that book aisle and learn as much as I can about personal growth and NLP. In 2014 I took the NLP certification course with Eleni, and I’ve never looked back. At 39 I had strong fears of failure (from a past business venture gone wrong), and clarity on my wheel of life was cloudy in many areas. Since completing the NLP Certifcation, I’ve become fascinated with personal growth and feel it’s also my calling to help others as well. 

Jan 10, 2016, WHAT’S IN A HUG? - Kiki Kondili

Being a hug-lover, touchy-feely kind of person, I spent most of my life believing that all people feel better when they receive a hug and shared my hugs generously. When I moved to the Middle East, I had to adjust my hugging behavior according to the culture and still had an unconscious wish to give a hug to everyone I liked. I never thought much about it. What is a hug? Wrapping your arms around somebody, engulfing them in the warmth of your body in a gesture that suggests protection and an unsaid message: “I like you”. After learning NLP, I spent hours analyzing and understanding my different behaviors. I reevaluated some of them and modified a few. Now it was time to evaluate my hugging behavior and these are some thoughts that came up.

In the name of our children - Eleni Kotopoulou

in the name of our childrenI have two children, a daughter and a son, 12 and 10 years old each. Whether you are an nlp coach or not, at home, there will always be tough moments. Recently my daughter came back from school crying heartbreakingly. She started telling me that the kitten, she was feeding every day next to school, was hit by a car. She was really sad and in pain for the kitten and also very disappointed and angry with her friends at school, because instead of supporting her, they made fun of her love for cats. The next day, a mother from her classmates, commenting on the fact, told me that "I have to make her tougher."

Under the dome - Christina Spyropoulou

under the domeThis article's title is inspired by Steven King's famous novel. Being born and raised up into particular social and family systems, usually determines the kind of beliefs and attitudes one inherits. So the inherited systems perpetuate themselves through new generations. They become an indivisible part of us. They become our “dome”. That “dome” doesn't drop from the sky, like the famous Steven King novel, but originates from our own living environment and defined mindset. We see the world through that “dome” just like we would see through a small prism. Have we ever wondered why each and every one of us has a different perspective for the very same map of the world? It is maybe because of that self-originated “dome”.

My Journey After NLP - Joel See

my journey after nlpI was blessed to be in the financial industry at the right time 13 years ago & built a solid career with a North American MNC. That opportunity allowed me to travel to many new cities globally, meet many people & develop my leadership & management skills. I was pretty much in my comfort zone after honing my craft over a decade & being very good at it - the income was good & I held a very senior position in the organization at a very young age. Then, things took a turn when there was a global restructuring exercise. 

Equus-coaching - Sandrine Bruneau

equus coachingEquus-coaching, what is it? As a Master NLP & Life coach, my goal is to help people create the life they want. Equus-coaching consists of adding the assistance of a horse to reach this objective. Horses are hyper-sensitive beings. For a long time they lived in the wild where their safety depended upon their ability to sense any danger around. They have retained this capability to detect emotions - consciously or unconsciously - even through their relatively recent interaction with humans. We can benefit from their skill to help us grow: watching their behavior in our presence gives us clues about what is actually going on in us. Horses are also social beings, living in herd, where each one of them has a specific role. 

An island and a prize! - Carol Daubney

carol-daubneyA Greek island, a Master Practitioner Course and a Modeling Project! Carol chose photography for her Modeling Project and we were blown away with the amount of information we learnt, not only new secrets about photography, even more importantly the fine distinctions in the unconscious of her exemplars! Soon after we returned to civilization, away from the Greek Archipelagos, Carol informed us that she won the 1st and 2nd prize for a photography competition! I call this the perfect ending to an inspiring two weeks! Carol finds tremendous joy in making pictures, even if it is …for now (who knows!) only a hobby. She is a member of a closed photography group on Facebook called Bridge Camera Photography and they run a weekly competition, which page members can enter with a maximum of two photos. 

Empowering beliefs & how to remember them! - Ida Zimmer Mellentin

idaIt is remarkable how I completely went back to old beliefs - established in school probably - about my learning skills when I attended Life Spheres Practitioners Course in NLP. Totally keen on doing well I constantly had this voice in the back of my head saying: “Remember, you can’t learn anything by heart”. So when we were repeating new learnings in the beginning of the course I was not capable of remembering it all. The time came to learn the NLP beliefs of excellence – beliefs that are central in NLP, and my head filled up with thoughts like: “how will I ever excel in anything if I can’t even recall the beliefs that should take me there?”

How Simonetta’s Coaching has changed my life forever - Tiziana Roma Barrera

my-testimony-tizianaSimonetta has been an incredible help in my life. I just turned 50 years old, and before that I started being coached by Simonetta. With her, nothing is a strain, as she carefully helps me take the right steps and make small changes, so everything seems doable. I’d like to share how she helped me face my greatest fear: being on stage after 30 years of dropping my highest dream ‘being a theatre actress’. For the past six years I have been sharing my passion for Cancun, the place I have been living in for the last 40 years. I usually write about the history of the city, and every now and then I am invited for radio and TV interviews.