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social-responsibilityOf course, our psychological needs and desires are not always satisfied. Suppose that we do invest in our emotional, mental and physical health and achieve some level of balance within. Our chances seriously increase when we turn to 'service'. This is a term very close to my heart as it is connected to feelings of immense gratitude and peace when I practice 'service'. Focusing on the bigger picture, taking time to get involved in other people's lives and ensuring we leave our planet, our world and society a little better than we found it. 'Social Responsibility' is about people and organizations that have 'service' at the top of their priorities and give an example by using their time, energy and own resources to make a difference in the most positive and noble way. Nice models to follow.

Many ways to give back!

many ways to give backThere are many ways to do GIVE BACK; wearing a T-shirt or a Hat is one of them! Wanting to continue supporting UNICEF and their amazing efforts all over the world and specifically helping out the Nepal earthquake victims, the decision was taken to have all Life Spheres T-shirts sales be donated to this cause.

CEOs Meet Young Talent!

ceos-meet-young-talent1Life Spheres is all about empowering and inspiring people and in line with that goal we also organize our Corporate Social Responsibility activities. One of the organizations Life Spheres support is the Dignity Foundation, based in Kuala Lumpur. Dignity is providing education to less privileged children.  While giving a presentation on Gratitude to a group of 60 teenagers (10-16 years) at Dignity in April, I invited them to list all the things in their lives that they personally are grateful for.