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Survivors Corner

Inspired by people overcoming obstacles and moving on, let me introduce you to the new ‘Survivors Corner’ at the Life Spheres website. Survivors’ stories inspire & remind us all our unlimited resources:Would you like to share yours and make a difference to other people’s lives?

Life has different life scripts for each and one of us. In the script, there are a few hurdles with different names; some are related to sickness and accidents, some to our mental and emotional world, some with separation, some with loss, some with poverty or violence and some we cannot even find a name for.

In ‘Survivors Corner’, we celebrate small & big wins over these hurdles and model people’s tools and mentality to get through tough periods and regain the joys of life.

It might be just about a tough day you survived; fact is we are all survivors and we are interested in listening to your story! It does not matter what you survived, we are all different and this Corner here is to hear everyone's thoughts about survival.

Still alive and kicking after some bumpy roads?

Send your story in English, Greek or any other language for that matter

to es@life-spheres.com. (Please keep around 600 words)


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